Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour

Did you know that the Pilsner Urquell tour is one of the world’s best rated tourist attractions? It’s no wonder, because the tour is full of interesting facts which will impress even very demanding visitors. History lovers will be impressed by the model of the brewery from the 19th century, the brew house from the 1930s and the historical cellars, where Pilsner Urquell beer is still produced today using the same traditional method as during the era of the first brewer.   Are you mainly interested in how Pilsner Urquell beer is brewed? We will explain the unique method of brewing Pilsner Urquell beer, which is identical to the method introduced in 1842 by Josef Groll. You can have a look at the new bottling facility, which can handle 120,000 bottles per hour, and the “heart of the brewery”, a modern brewing facility from 2004.

  • Available languages: CZ, DE, EN, RU, ES, FR, IT

  • CZK 250

  • 100 minutes

Pivovar Gambrinus

Prohlídkovou trasu pivovarem Gambrinus s názvem „Jak se pivo vaří“ si rozhodně nenechte  ujít! Poznáte, jak se pivo vaří a jak chutná ještě zrající pivo. Navštívíte historické otevřené spilky, kde pivo zrálo dříve a cylindrokonické tanky, které se využívají pro zrání nyní. Dále nebude chybět oblíbená degustace piv Gambrinus a škola čepování piva pod vedením jednoho z našich zkušených výčepních.

  • Dostupné jazyky:

    pouze CZ

  • 180 Kč 

  • 120 minut

Brewery Museum Tour

Enjoy the medieval atmosphere in the only museum of its kind, located in an original authentic brew house from the 15th century. This exposition introduces the oldest history of the city of Pilsen, the development of trades, the establishment and expansion of guilds, the beginning and development of the beer brewing industry, malting, cooperage, cartage and the hospitality industry. Discover the ancient secrets of beer production and serving.  View the malt house, the so-called “hvozd”, the rolling room, the laboratory and cellars. We will show you beer steins made of glass, ceramics and tin, and a collection of beer bottles and other collectibles.

  • Available languages: CZ, DE, EN, FR, RU, ES, PL, HU, IT, NL

  • CZK 90

  • 60 minutes

Pilsen Historical Underground Tour

The Pilsen Historical Underground, with its nearly 14 km of corridors, is one of the largest historical underground systems in Central Europe. The underground tour path is about 800 m long and at depths of 9 to 12 metres below the historic city centre of Pilsen. Become familiar with medieval life below the city, and uncover the secrets of authentic discoveries and corners hidden underground.

  • CZ, DE, EN, FR, RU

  • CZK 120

  • 50 minutes

Tours and educational programs for schools

The Brewery Museum has prepared three interactive learning programmes for first and second-grade pupils about the history of Pilsen and traditional trades.The different language versions also make them suitable for enhancing language instruction. The programme can be adapted to secondary schools.