15+ persons


from 550,- CZK 3 hours

Exclusive spaces hidden in the labyrinth of historical cellars. Two šalandas are available Recommended for the following events: meeting with clients or business partners, corporate parties,…

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Gambrinus Draft Beer Workshop

CZK 650 3,5 hours  

Enjoy a unique party in the heart of the Gambrinus brewery, and entrust yourself to the care of men who have devoted many years of their…

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(Čeština) Pivní degustace v Pivotéce

(Čeština) 590 Kč (Čeština) 1,5 hodiny

(Čeština) Chcete poznat rozmanitý svět piva? Zažijte pivní degustaci v Pivotéce! V dnešní době je dostupných mnoho různých typů piv a my vám rádi pomůžeme se…

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Pilsner Urquell Draft Beer Workshop

CZK 790 3,5 hours

Enjoy unforgettable moments with your friends and become beer experts. Visit the traditional premises of the Pilsner Urquell brewery, and have fun learning the proper way…

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15+ persons

The Journey of a Brewery Apprentice

CZK 790 4 hours

Order a great programme full of fun. You will become familiar with what historic beer brewing professions involved, and during a journey into the past you…

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In accordance with an order from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, tours and experience programme are closed to public until further notice. Sorry for inconvenience.

If you have any questions, contact us at reservations@asahibeer.cz or by phone on +420 377 062 888.

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