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Up to 300 persons From CZK 45,000

Are you looking for original premises for a spectacular party, concert or a lecture? Then the Visitor Centre of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery is the right choice for you! It can provide facilities for hundreds of guests. The premises include…

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Up to 150 persons From CZK 12,500

Organise a non-traditional company event in the heart of the brewery! In the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, we offer for hire premises suitable for workshops and conferences, as well as company parties. Impress your business partners and take them to the…

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Up to 60 persons From CZK 8,000

Enjoy the atmosphere of this stylish garden pavilion with original decorations and an outdoor terrace. Formanka is a great place to sit down with your business partners, friends or for throwing a private party. The traditional decorations are beautifully complemented…

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Up to 60 persons From CZK 12,000

Accept our invitation to the unique and modern Pilsner Lighthouse premises directly in the brewery, which are ideal for company events of all types. The premises include audio-visual technology, background in the form of a kitchenette, foyer with a bar,…

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Up to 50 persons From CZK 6,500

Are you looking for a non-traditional room with a once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere which has preserved its uniqueness but at the same time meets demanding requirements for a modern social and conference centre? The Red Hall with its glamorous stained glass breathes…

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Up to 40 persons From CZK 6,500

An original venue for your company events? The Pilsner Urquell Brewery is the right choice. We not only brew perfect beer, but organise unique events, too! A lounge with a bar suitable for meetings, workshops, as well as business or…

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Up to 3,000 persons From CZK 30,000

Use the open arms of this picturesque courtyard located between historical buildings for your events and add the magic of the brewery to them. You can also hire a covered stage including a sound system. This way, you will get…

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