Life in the cellars

Date 3. 10. 2020 — 5. 10. 2020
Time (Čeština) 10:00 - (Čeština) 16:00
Admission CZK 250 / person
Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Life in the cellars

On the occasion of the 178th anniversary of the first batch of Pilsner Urquell to be brewed, we invite you to a special tour of Pilsner Urquell – Life in the Cellars!

Get to know the story of our unique beer which inspired the whole world. Walk through the authentic places in the brewery and learn about the ingredients used when brewing the famous lager. Take a peak into the heart of the brewery – the current and also historical brew house. A new part of the tour is a reconstructed cinema which will show you how our original beer was born. On the occasion of the beer’s birthday, we will give you an idea of what life in the cellars was like! You can look forward to seeing our coopers demonstrate their traditional craft. Then you will be invited to our Shalanda Lounge where you will find out, thanks to historical photographs, what life down through the history of the brewery was like. You will get to know many interesting facts such as that Shalanda used to serve servants as a dining place, as a place for entertainment and also a place of rest. In addition, you will enjoy unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell beer, the beer being drawn right from an oak lager barrel.  Cheers!

We recommend you buy tickets for this special tour on-line. Tickets bought on-line are automatically taken as special tour tickets.



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In accordance with an order from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, tours and experience programme are closed to public until further notice. Sorry for inconvenience.

If you have any questions, contact us at or by phone on +420 377 062 888.

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