Exhibition – Pilsen Underground

Date 6. 5. 2021 — 30. 9. 2021
Time (Čeština) 10:00 - (Čeština) 18:00
Admission Included in the tour of the Brewery Museum
Brewery Museum

Exhibition – Pilsen Underground

The “Pilsen Underground“ exhibition in the Pilsen Brewery Museum tells the story of the tangled underground labyrinth which, thanks to its length of 13 km, represents one of the largest underground complexes in our country. The most attractive part of the underground has been accessible to the public for the past 35 years. A long and complicated reconstruction preceded its opening but it highlighted the centuries-old history back to the beginning of the town’s existence.

A unique set of photographs from the time of the repairs and archaeological research of the Pilsen underground in the 1960s, 70s and 80s will be displayed for the first time. The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with the Museum of West Bohemia, the West Bohemian Institute, Pilsen Archive and Pilsen Public Estate Management.



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