Exhibition – Industrial Magic

Date 25. 5. 2020 — 30. 9. 2020
Admission (Čeština) zdarma
Brewery courtyard

Exhibition – Industrial Magic

Industrial Magic is a special photographic project created by Anna Kocourková (*1942) and Karel (*1937) Kocourek. It is a follow-up to their photographic display Specific Place, which was held in the Pilsen Brewery Museum last year. At the time, Mr. and Mrs. Kocourek took a set pictures of industrial details of the production part of the brewery. Right away, it became clear that in this sense, the brewery hides a treasure which awaits to be discovered. Anna and Karel kept coming to our brewery and capturing with their observant eyes the hidden beauty of the industrial areas, which thanks to the photos they changed into magical industrial.

Both photographers like to focus on details and often do so. However, they very rarely state the specific spot captured. If you are curious and want to discover where this magical industrial is hiding, we will send you in the right direction. Let the beauty of the industrial parts of the brewery work its charms on you and discover other unusual shots with us, be it with the bare eye or with the help of photographic optics equipment.



In accordance with an order from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, tours and experience programme are closed to public until further notice. Sorry for inconvenience.

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