Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour

Get to know the Pilsner Urquell legend

Did you know that Pilsner Urquell has inspired more than two-thirds of all of the world’s beers, which still today are labelled as “Pils”, “Pilsner” or “Pilsener”? Go on a tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery, and get to know the story of the legend born in 1842.

Where our tour will take you

The Pilsner Urquell brewery offers tours, which will impress beer fans and history lovers. You will view the original locations where the famous Pilsner Urquell beer was born 170 years ago, and whose story continues even today. From the Visitor Centre, we will travel in a brewery bus to one of the most modern bottling facilities, which processes 120,000 bottles per hour.  You will learn about the ingredients from which Pilsner Urquell beer is brewed. We will also show you the heart of the brewery, three brew houses from different centuries. The culmination of the tour is a tasting of unfiltered Pilsner Urquell beer in the historical cellars.

Bottling facility

From the Visitor Centre in the building of the former cooling “drains” from 1868, we will travel in a brewery bus for a tour of the bottling facility, which is one of the most modern in Europe and processes a remarkable 120,000 bottles and 60,000 aluminium cans per hour.

Unfortunately, for operating reasons, we cannot influence the times when the bottling lines are running or stopped, and therefore we cannot guarantee that you will see the lines fully in operation during your tour.


Pilsner Urquell has the largest passenger lift in the Czech Republic. We will take it to a unique panoramic cinema. After watching a film about the secrets of Pilsner Urquell beer production, we will be able, using all of our senses, to become familiar with the unique ingredients from which Pilsner Urquell beer is brewed – soft water from Pilsen, malt produced in our facility from a special variety of Bohemian spring double-row barley, Žatec semi-ripe red hops and special brewer’s yeast.


We will familiarise you with brew houses from across three centuries. You will see the brewing kettle in which the first batch of Pilsner Urquell lager was brewed on 5 October 1842. Thanks to the sacrifices and courage of the brewery’s staff, this copper kettle survived both world wars and remains preserved to this day.  In the historic brew house from the early 20th century, we will introduce you to the unique process of brewing Pilsner Urquell beer. You will also view a modern brew house from 2004, which will convince you that although the technology has been developing, the historic way of brewing Pilsner Urquell beer remains the same.

People of Pilsner Urquell

In this section, we will tell the story of human labour and skill. You will become familiar not only with malt workers, but also with people in other professions, without whom we could not have written the successful story of Pilsner Urquell beer. We will familiarise you via the exhibits with the daily toil that led to the brewery’s founding and to its worldwide fame. We will show you the willingness, efforts and endurance that have been handed down in Pilsen from generation to generation.

Historic cellars

Experience the unique atmosphere of the historic beer cellars. You will view the spillage tubs and learn what a “beer blanket” is. The Pilsner Urquell brewery still today produces a small amount of Pilsner Urquell beer here using the traditional method from the era of the first brewer, Josef Groll, which involves fermentation in open wooden vats and maturing in oak lager casks.

Beer tasting

You will be invited to taste unfiltered and unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer at the end of the tour (for adults only). In the lager cellars, you will be able to taste unfiltered and unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer tapped directly from an oak lager cask. You can taste this unique unfiltered and unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer only during the tour of the brewery or during programmes in the šalanda relaxation areas.

Tour times

In Czech: Monday to Sunday:
12:30 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.
In English: Monday to Sunday:
12:45 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 4:15 p.m.
In German: Monday to Friday: 3:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday:
1:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m.
In Russian: Monday to Sunday: 1:15 p.m.

Tour times may change depending on the number of visitors to the brewery. Before your visit, we recommend that you check them again. The tour times are intended for individual visitors and small groups. We can reserve tours for groups of 10 persons at the times they select.

Tour price

Regular admission Discounted admission
Pilsner Urquell
Tour in Czech
CZK 140 CZK 80
Pilsner Urquell   
Tour in a foreign language
CZK 190 CZK 100

The discounted admission fee applies for: children aged 6 and up, students up to the age of 26, seniors over 70 years old, holders of TP and ZTP disability cards and holders of the HI YHA card.

Holders of ZTP/P cards and their accompanying assistant (1 person) may enjoy all of the tours of the Pilsner Urquell brewery free of charge.

By purchasing tickets for two or more of our various tours, you will get a 25% admission discount.  More specific information can be found in our detailed price list (PDF).

Additional tour information

  • The maximum capacity for a group tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery is 50 persons.

  • The tour lasts 100 minutes.

  • The Pilsner Urquell facility is accessible to disabled persons.

  • When visiting the cellars, we recommend warmer clothes, as the temperature there is normally around +5 °C.

  • Unfortunately, for operating reasons, we cannot guarantee that you will see the bottle lines fully in operation during your tour.

  • The tour includes Pilsner Urquell beer tasting (0.3 l), available only to persons who are 18 years of age or older.

    For visitors under the age of 18, entering the standard Pilsner Urquell tour route is permitted only with permission from and under the constant supervision of parents or other responsible accompanying persons who are at least 18 years of age (such as teachers, guides).

We offer tours for groups of 10 or more:

  •  in these language variants: Czech, English, German, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • You can choose a date based on your requirements. Tour times outside the regular opening hours of the Visitor Centre may be arranged for   an additional fee of CZK 50 per person. 
  • Please order the tour at least 3 days in advance.


Pilsner Urquell Visitor Centre

U Prazdroje 7, 304 97 Plzeň
GPS: 49°44'47.339"N, 13°23'10.568"E


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