Gambrinus Brewery Tour

Enjoy a tour full of fun

Do you also love one of the most popular Czech beers? The Gambrinus Brewery has opened its gates to the public. Learn how to tap Gambrinus, learn the brewing process and use the interactive Gambrinus Arena. Come with your friends – the best way to enjoy Gambrinus.

Where our tour takes you

The Gambrinus Brewery, which the town of Plzeň is proud of, has been brewing your favourite beer since 1869. We will show you the brewery operations, raw materials, traditional techniques and modern technology. You will also learn how we monitor beer quality and will then enjoy some fun activities in the Gambrinus Arena.

You will enjoy the Gambrinus Brewery to the fullest.


Old and new brewing shop

We will take you to the heart of the brewery – the current brewing shop, which is capable of producing 12 brew batches per day (one batch contains 840 hl of cold wort). The Gambrinus Brewery has also reconstructed its original brewing shop from 1869, where you will enjoy Gambrinus beer at the end of the tour.

Beer tasting and tapping school

See for yourselves how we monitor the quality of Gambrinus beer. At the end of the tour, the Gambrinus Brewery has prepared a beer tasting and beer tapping school for you, supervised by our master brewer (only for those 18 years or age).

cyklindrokonické tanky a rozkvasná spilka

Navštívíte jedinečně zachovalou rozkvasnou spilku, kde zjistíte, jak pivo kvasilo v minulosti. Poté se podíváte k cylindrokonickým tankům (CKT), jak kvasí pivo pomocí nejnovějších technologií, a ochutnáte ještě zrající pivo.

degustace piva

Na závěr prohlídky se vrátíme do Varny 1869, kde vás čeká škola čepování piva pod vedením některého z našich zkušených výčepních. Dozvíte se více o zásadách správné péče o pivo, různých druzích čepování a ochutnáte nepasterizovaná a nefiltrovaná piva Gambrinus a aktuální pivo z Volby sládků Plzeňského Prazdroje.

Tour times

01/01 to 30/04/2015 tours for groups booked in advance
01/06 to 30/06/2015 Saturday & Sunday 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm
01/07 to 31/08/2015 Saturday 1 pm and 3:30 pm
01/09 to 30/11/2015 tours for groups booked in advance

Tour times may change based on visitor frequency. Please confirm your tour time before arriving. The last standard Gambrinus brewery tour always starts 1.5 hours before the end of the Visitor centre opening hours. Tours scheduled outside the regular opening hours may be ordered for an additional fee of CZK 50 per person.

Tour price

Regular entrance fee Reduced fee
GambrinusTour in Czech CZK 120 CZK 70

Discounted entrance fee applies to: children aged from 6 years, students up to 26, seniors above 70, TP, ZTP, holders of Hi YHA cards

When you purchase tickets for two or more tours you will get a 25% discount. More information available in the pricelist (PDF).

Additional tour information

  • The maximum number of persons in a group is 40.

  • The tour lasts approximately 120 minutes.

  • Prohlídková trasa pivovaru Gambrinus není bezbariérová.

    Z bezpečnostních důvodů je dětem do tří let vstup na prohlídku zakázán.

  • Please wear warm clothing – the cellar temperature is around 5°C

  • The tour includes Gambrinus beer tasting, available only to persons 18 years of age. Minors or students younger than 18 years of age may only take the Gambrinus Brewery tour with the approval and under the supervision of parents or other responsible persons above 18 years of age.

Groups of tourists booked in advance may take the tour of the Gambrinus Brewery at any time during the opening hours of the Pilsner Urquell Visitor Centre. A necessary prerequisite is an entrance ticket valued at a minimum of CZK 3,120 for a group up to 26 persons. Each person above this limit shall pay a regular entry fee in accordance with the pricelist. School groups including students below the age of 18 and other groups of minors cannot take the Gambrinus Brewery tour. For these groups we offer a tour of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery focusing on the successful Czech beer making industry, or you may visit the Brewery Museum and the Historical Plzeň Underground. In accordance with the law, we do not serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.

For visitors under the age of 18, entering the standard Gambrinus tour route is permitted only with permission from and under the constant supervision of parents or other responsible accompanying persons who are at least 18 years of age (such as teachers, guides).


Pilsner Urquell Visitor Centre

U Prazdroje 7, 304 97 Plzeň
GPS: 49°44'47.339"N, 13°23'10.568"E


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Brewery tours or original beer glasses are ideal gifts for every beer drinker.

Souvenir from the brewery

You can take away a reminder of your visit to the brewery by purchasing a beer glass with your own name on it or another beer gift from the shop in the courtyard or our e-shop.

Party in the Gambrinus Brewery

Fully enjoy yourselves at the Gambrinus brewery! You will spend four and a half hours at the heart of the brewery with beer brewing experts.