Gambrinus Brew House 1869

Organise an evening party or presentation for your clients at the heart of the Gambrinus brewery. Take advantage of our offer of non-traditional premises, whose history dates back to the year 1869.

Technical facilities

The historic 1869 brew house is pleasant and is equipped with two beer taps One section offers seating at tables for up to 50 people, while another section features a round bar with a view of the current Gambrinus brewing facilities.

We recommend it for the following events:

Informal meetings, work meetings, training, seminars, presentations and company evening parties, team-building events, etc.

Fully enjoy yourselves at the Gambrinus brewery.

The Gambrinus Brewery and its History

The Gambrinus Brewery offers a unique opportunity for a social evening in the places where the history of Gambrinus beer actually began.

The story of the Gambrinus brewery dates from 1869. It was founded under the name První plzeňský akciový pivovar [First Pilsner Joint-stock Brewery) in Pilsen by 20 prominent Pilsen entrepreneurs, led by Emil Škoda.

The original Gambrinus catchment brewing facility, which was established in 1869, was located on these premises. Since then it has been expanded gradually to accommodate the increased interest in beer from this brewery.

In 1919, after World War One, the brewery was registered under the new trademark Plzeňský Gambrinus for its beer.

In the final days of World War Two, the Gambrinus brewery was nearly destroyed by an allied air raid (the target of the raid was a freight yard near the brewery). After the war, it was debated whether it would even be worth resuming production at the Gambrinus brewery. Fortunately, the brewery’s director at the time, František Hlaváček, convinced everyone that it made sense to liquidate the damage as quickly as possible. By the end of the year, operations had been resumed at the Gambrinus brewery. And already in 1946, the brewery produced 200,000 hectolitres of quality beer.



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Souvenir from the brewery

You can take away a reminder of your visit to the brewery by purchasing a beer glass with your own name on it or another beer gift from the shop in the courtyard or our e-shop.

Additional programmes

Experience unforgettable moments riding a foreman's cart, make your guest programme more exciting by including cooper activities such as keg assembling or rolling.

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