Pilsen and surroundings

 Visit interesting places in Pilsen and the surroundings.

  • At the time it was created the Square of the Republic was the largest Gothic square in Bohemia (139 x 193 metres).
  • The largest church tower in Bohemia - see St. Bartholomew's Church - measuring 102.26 metres.
  • The Church of St. George was built in 992 - one of the oldest church buildings in Bohemia
  • The Great Synagogue - the second largest synagogue in Europe (third in the world)
  • Zoological Gardens (with Dinopark and Japanese garden) and botanical gardens >> www.zooplzen.cz.
  • Golf Park Pilsen offers a beautiful, technically demanding 18-hole golf course situated in the virginal nature on the north-west edge of Pilsen. More at www.golfparkpl.cz.
  • The only freely accessible climbing tower in the Czech Republic (Škoda Sport Park in Pilsen na Slovanech). The mountaineering tower is 12 metres high, weighs 17 tons and has around 2000 grips. It offers approximately 70 paths ranging in difficulty from the third to tenth degree of difficulty.
  • The only surviving furnace for burning axle grease from resinous oils and lime is one of the stops on the instructional Sigmund path by the Kamenný pond.
  • The Bolevec pond system is older than the Třeboň pond system and was built in the Bolevec community, which in written records dates from 1382. The largest and apparently oldest of the system's ponds is the Great Pond (53.3 ha).
  • Choose from a wide selection of instructional paths and cycling routes.


You can find other interesting places, tips for excursions and accommodation at www.visitplzen.eu and http://www.turisturaj.cz.

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A prestigious award for the Pilsner Urquell Tour

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Future Events

03/10/2014 - 01/11/2015

TEODOR BUZU exhibition at the Brewery Museum

The aim of the exhibition, with the theme SOMETHING EXTRA, is to introduce the work of the Moldavian artist Teodor Buzu. 

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